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January 7, 2020      "Serafina, 1988"

Tim Keller and Christina Boyce, Serafina, San Miguel County, New Mexico, 1988
Tim Keller and Christina Boyce, Serafina, San Miguel County, New Mexico, 1988

For the last three years of the 1980s, I shared a remote rental house down a dirt road on a 10,000-acre ranch 18 miles southwest of Las Vegas, New Mexico, with Santa Fe native Christina Boyce, now my wife. One winter morning after brunch in our front yard, we'd shed our jackets in sheltered sunshine and, as I played guitar, Christina walked toward the road and took my picture, with her and the road reflected back from the front picture window of our adobe house. The camera was a hand-me-down Canon SLR from my dad. We've long loved the photo, which existed only as a 4"x6" black and white print, and at some point I scanned it into my computer.

After we collaborated with Colorado Springs artist Lindsay Hand last year to use an old Keller family snapshot to create the gorgeous big oil painting "The Valley, 1945" we all decided to do another. In August, Lindsay began work on "Serafina, 1988" and she delivered it to us here at home last week. It's less abstracted than her usual work, more photo realism, as you can see above. (As always here, click any image to enlarge it.) Both paintings are 28"x46" plus identical antiqued black frames custom made from scratch by Lindsay. I'm posting photos and commentary on the new painting at my arts blog today...check it out. We're thrilled to have two Lindsay Hand paintings in our home, each coming from an old black and white historical photo that explores elements of my own family experience in California and New Mexico.