The Trail Ahead, Jal NM Branded Topping the Ridge
The Trail Ahead Branded Topping the Ridge
Sierra Smile Marcia Sierra
Sierra Smile Marcia Sierra
Ridge Riders Jack, Colorado Paul Grice, Roy NM
Ridge Riders
The Long Gaze West
Brown Ranch - Driving Lesson Brown Ranch - Hideout Brown Ranch - Ride
Driving Lesson Hideout Ride
Brown Ranch 4Wheeling Brown Ranch - Feeding Horses Brown Ranch - Opening the Gate
4Wheeling Feeding Horses Opening the Gate
Tom Pryor, Des Moines NM Tom & Jan Pryor, Des Moines NM Mary Lou Kern, Maxwell NM
Tom's Relics Pryor Ranch Mary Lou Kern
at the Office
Pierre Peppin, Capulin Volcano Sierra Horseback cowboy wreath, Grenville NM
Sierra Horseback
God Plays with Paints Kiss Riley McNabb, Folsom NM
God Plays with Paints
Laekyn Reust, Seneca NM Laekyn Reust, Seneca NM Laekyn Reust, Seneca NM
Paul Grice, Roy NM
Horses, Capulin NM ranch dog, Aguilar, Colorado
Leaving Horses at Sierra Grande Ranch Dog
Chaps, Brown Ranch, Folsom NM
"Saddle in Storage",  Sumpter Ranch,  Colorado Fuego, Seward Ranch branding
Chaps Saddle in Storage Fuego
Barn cat, Pryor Ranch, Des Moines NM loading ramp, White ranch, Aguilar, Colorado Fred Balmer, longhorn, Folsom NM
Barn Cat Holding On Fred and Bob
Brittany Rouse, Conchas River NM chaps, Brittany Rouse Kyle Bell
Brittany Begins Chaps & Boots Kyle Bell